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Biography and contact details

I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (British father / Cambodian mother) and brought up and raised in the city of Bristol, UK. My university degree was in Fine Art from London Guildhall University and on completion I returned to Bristol to carve myself a niche within the arts.

The first few years after graduating were spent exhibiting my paintings and drawings, doing flyers/posters for local businesses and the busy Bristol music scene, and making small films. I was working in a photo lab, learning the technical aspects of photography and having daily exposure to thousands of images.

In 2004 I decided to put my skills a test. Since then, I have been commissioned to do many types of photo work; continued with art / photography exhibitions in Bristol as well as contributing to shows in Paris and London; painted a mural in Wroclaw, Poland; provided the writing and photography for travel articles on the move from eastern Europe as well as on subjects such as food, music, fashion, art and social commentary; created imagery for book and CD illustration; sold music tracks for commercial use, concentrated on longer film projects; worked as an art director on various film / video commissions; and had pictures on the London Underground.

Photo: Misha Ostromecki

In the future I plan to continue with all these skills plus learn a few more…

If you like the work and would like me to do something for you, contact me via the details below.